Volunteering is Fun!

My schedule finally developed an opening, so off to the Food Bank I went to experience a morning of packing food boxes. And yes, it was that easy! When I arrived, Jamie Treadaway had us sign in and then we went to the packing floor.

I was totally impressed with the organization and the cheerful attitude of the staff and team leaders. I was assigned to work with group of teenagers from a Catholic group in Texas. Let me tell you, they came to work! There was no standing around, but at the same time, we all settled into a nice rhythm of work. The pallets of food quickly turned into boxes of mixed food to be distributed to those in need. Our team leaders sang the praises of the group for the hard work and diligence of getting the job done in great fashion.

The experience was outstanding and it gave me a feeling of real accomplishment knowing that each can or package of food we touched was going to make some family’s living situation better. What a great service to the 500,000 people that face hunger in Oklahoma EACH day! Thanks to the staff for a wonderful morning at the Food Bank! I’ll be back soon and I’m bringing friends with me this time!